About us

About us
TIME FOR AN ADVENTURE... I'm Laura, he's Eddie dog and we would like to invite you to join us on our adventure through life together.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Vintage Summer Fayre Fun

We live in a lovely area of Southampton with a lovely community spirit. The area in which we live is home largely to young professionals and students and we are lucky enough to have a range of community events taking place in our area throughout the year.
Today Bedford Place hosted a vintage themed summer festival. David, Eddie and myself took a walk down to see what was going on this morning, after a lovely lie in and lazy breakfast in the sunshine.

The festival takes place in the car park and road around the Bedford Place area. The roadside was lined with a selection of Hampshire Farmers Market stalls selling a range of local and homemade food goodies.  David always enjoys trying all the little foodie bits and today bought a Dinosaur Pasty from the pie stall. (I don't think it contains actual dinosaur meat).

We had a wander around the vintage stalls and enjoyed looking at all the bits and bobs for sale. I bought a retro style tin sign for the kitchen. I am trying to get a collection of these to put up in the kitchen, I think it will go well with the apple green walls and brighten up the space where I spend so much time.

There was music and Lindy Hop dancing going on, and many people were joining in. I had a little boogie on my own because David point blank does not do dancing.
Eddie was keen to join in though, even though he doesn't have very good rhythm!

The highlight of the morning however, was the vintage bus, which you could go into and sit in the drivers seat!! So much fun!

It is events like this that make me feel happy to live in Southampton, a place where many people would claim nothing is every going on. There is a lot more going on in our town than you think, you just need to get out there, find it and get involved!

                                                        Bicycle powered ice cream delivery

                                                    Vintage florals and dapper dog                                     
                                                       Beep Beep!

                                              Lindy Hopping            

                                                        Electro - swing with the Still Moving DJ's

                                             Happy Sunday Adventures 

                                            A gift from my beau

                                          Retro signage for my green kitchen 

                                              Love this soppy spotty dog

Wednesday, 17 June 2015


Let us begin. I am Laura, I am a happy, smiley,  vegetarian who loves nature, caring for mother earth, bees, the sea, indie and folk music, art, colour, tea,
creating, cake baking, photographing, tea,
board gaming ,playing djembe and clarinet, tea,
picnics in the summer and winter , vegetable growing, flowers and herbs in my house and my garden and cups of tea.

Eddie would also like to introduce himself
"I am  a Labrador cross with a coat of many colours. I love sleeping, swimming, giving cuddles to any human, dog or cat that will have one, playing football, exploring the New Forest, running as fast as I can at the beach.
I  am a lazy dog so spend equal amounts of my time being super enthusiastic about stuff or snoozing the day away. I really love weekends when I can have a lie in until 10am!
I really really hate feathers (you never know when they might blow your way).  Oh and the hamster that moved into my living room (I think his name is Ned) is totally petrifying!"

 We have had so many funs together so far, some of which we will remember and share with you here, and will have many more in the future.