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About us
TIME FOR AN ADVENTURE... I'm Laura, he's Eddie dog and we would like to invite you to join us on our adventure through life together.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

What have we been up to? ......becoming a year older.

July is always a busy month for us in the spottydog household with festivals, allotmenting and because both me and David have birthdays, one day after the other. 

On my birthday, the rain rain rain came down down down and did not stop. We are not people who let the weather stop us having fun and we decided it would be good day to visit Exbury Gardens.


We were the only visitors there in the gardens and it was a truly magical time walking around listening to the rain pitter patter and gush,
enjoying the lushness of the leaves and flowers. It smelt devine, the rain really brought out the scents of all the beautiful plants. I liked to imagine we were in fact in a tropical rainforest and adventuring out into tropics.


We took a little trip around on the steam train. Eddie really is a dog that is happy to do anything as long as he is with me, he was quite content to sit on the train, rest his head on the window and watch the park whizz past. 

We ended the day with tea and cake at the cafe, aptly named Eddies cafe (after the founder of the garden). Exbury Gardens is a lovely place to visit, whether the sun is shining or mother nature is watering the plants and flowers. It's great they allow dogs inside and this garden really is a magical place for an adventure! 

( http://www.exbury.co.uk/website/default.aspx )

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  1. Happy belated birthdays! And lovely photos! Thank you so much for your kind words on my last blog post, it means more than you know <3 I hope that all is well!